Bi-directional valve advantage

25 April 2008

A new poppet valve for mobile hydraulics is designed to prevent flow in either direction when de-energised, regardless of pressure at either port. New in the Integrated Hydraulics range of two way bi-directional poppet valves is the 70-litre S717.

Internal leakage is less than 15 drops/min at 350 bar, the manufacturer claimed. All moving parts are hardened and ground, internal surfaces honed, and the parts are matched on assembly.

There is a small solenoid-controlled poppet to vent the main poppet and the valves are designed to tolerate contamination as the fluid washes over the seat to clear it each time the valve is energised. Working pressure can be up to 350 bar and nominal flow rate is 70 litres/min at a pressure drop of 10 bar.

Coils can be 12 or 24 Vdc, 110 or 220 Vac. Bodies are available for line mounting but, for full benefit, the manufacturer recommends that the cartridges should be in a manifold or hydraulic integrated circuit.

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