Big in the USA

12 May 2008

Organisers forecast a busy show this year as registration numbers are up by nearly 50% on 2005 figures, during the lead up to the event. ConExpo-Con/AGG will be North America’s largest show in 2008 of any industry, according to the organiser, with 2.293 million square feet (213,000 square metres) of indoor and outdoor exhibition space, some 22% ahead of the 2005 show total. It is estimated that 17 billion pounds (7.7 million tonnes) of equipment and exhibition materials will be on site during the exhibition’s five day run.

Advance registration was extended to 29 February 2008 and fees remain at the advance rate for admission to the exhibits as well as to the education sessions. In addition, registration via the show web site will be open from 1 March and throughout the event.

Visitors might also be interested in the Industry Investor Conference held during the show. Financial analysts for the construction equipment industry will be participating in the conference, conducted by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM). The aim is to spotlight the capabilities of its member companies and the industry’s scope to analysts who recommend, buy or upgrade public offerings. It will be held on 12 March from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in room S-222.

Actek Manufacturing and Engineering

Green pavilion green pavilion manufacturer of hoist rings and rigging equipment.

AEM association of equipment manufacturers

Lobby L-3224 US industry association.


Hilton center H-25015 Axles, brakes and other components for trucks, heavy duty vehicles and trailers.

Arvin Meritor

Hilton center H-25015

Axles, brakes and other components for trucks, heavy duty vehicles and trailers.

Asa Hydraulik of America

South 2 S-15443

Heat exchangers and oil cooling systems.

Ascorel USA

South 1 S-12321

Crane safety systems, collision avoidance.

Associated General Contractors Of America

South 1 S-9707

Contractors’ association.

Auto Crane Company

Central 1-2 C-4233

Straight boom telescopic cranes for service trucks.


South 1 S-8417

Hydraulic drop deck equipment trailers.

BLS Enterprises

Central 1-2 C-4739

Synthetic polymer track pads.

Boecker USA

Blue Lot B-974

Truck and trailer mounted hydraulic cranes.

Braden Carco Gearmatica

South 1 S-10951 Winches

Bridgestone Firestone

North N-2301

Tyres and rubber tracks.

Brigade Electronics

South 2 S-17801

Electronic warning and safety systems.

Bucher Hydraulics

South 2 S-15655

Hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulics.

Buffalo Road Imports/Engineering Models

Silver Lot 4 S-19511

Construction models ranging from toys to museum quality precision replicas.

Bva Hydraulics

South 2 S-17431

Hydraulic jacks, cylinders and accessories.

Carlisle Industrial Brake

South 2 S-14405

Manufacturer of brakes and clutches.

Caterpillar Industrial Power Systems

Systems South 2 S-15927

Engines, power train, tracked under- carriages and hydraulics.

Comer Industries

South 2 S-15715

Mechanical and hydraulic products for power transmission, engineering systems and mechanical solutions.

Construction Equipment Association (CEA)

Central 1-2 C-4455

UK association for manufacturers.

Crane Dispatch Software

North N-1300

Fleet management software.

Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau

North N-2102

Service include crane operator training accident investigation and risk analysis.

Cranesmart Systems

Gold Lot G-193

Wireless crane safety equipment.

Crosby Group

Industrial fittings and hardware used with wire rope, chain and synthetic slings. CENTRAL 1-2 C-4455


South S-16013Diesel engine

Dana Corporation

South 2 S-16313

Off highway vehicle drive systems.

Gems Sensors & Controls

South 2 S-15127

Level, pressure and flow sensors, gauges.

GKN off-Highway

North N-2101

Wheels for cranes and trucks.


South hall 1 S-8610

Intelligent assist devices for material handling.

GPX International Tire

Riviera lot RL-41025

Tyres and wheels.


South S-12229 Cab seating.


South 2 S-16305 Automated greasing and other lubrication systems.

Hagglunds Drives

Hilton center H-29027

Hydraulic components and complete drive systems using radial piston motors.

Haldex Hydraulics

South 2 S-13638

Hydraulic pumps, motors and power systems for material handling.

Hannay Reels

South 1 S-12311

Hose and cable reels.

Harrington Hoists

Central 1-2 C-4255

Chain and wire rope hoists.

Hatz Diesel of America

South 2 S-16405

Engine manufacturer.

Haulotte Group

Gold Lot G-236

Easy Crane range of self propelled telescopic site cranes.


Central 1-2 C-4473 Hydraulic rotary actuators.


South 1 S-8421 Truck tractor and trailer suspension.

Hetronic USA

Gold lot G-338 radio reomote controls.

Historical Construction Equipment Association

Lobby L-3506 Preservation and documentation of old construction machines.

Ikusi – Angel Iglesias

Central 1-2 C-4369

Radio remote controls.

International and Specialized Transport

South 2 S-15913 This division of JCB in the UK manufactures integrated drivelines power trains, their componentsand parts.

International Truck & Engine

South 1 S-8915

Truck manufacturer.

Iron Planet

Central 3-5 C-5522

Online equipment auctioneer.


South S-18004 Radio remote controls.


Riviera lot RL-41030

Mini cranes.

Kenworth Truck

South 1 S-9739

Truck manufacturer.

Kinshofer Liftall

Silver lot 4 S-19101

Attachments for cranes and excavators, including grabs and grapples.

Knott Brake Company

South 2 S-17427

Design, development and supply of vehicle braking systems.


Korean construction equipment association.

Leica Geosystems

South 2 S-16805

Measuring systems.


Green Pavilion GP-50739 Slings and other below the hook lifting equipment and accessories.

Lifting Technologies

North N-1400 Centralised lubrication system.


South 1 S-10928

Tracking and anti-theft system for vehicles.


Silver 1-2 S-550

Lubrication for telescopic booms and other crane parts.


South 1 S-9928

Comealongs, ratchet lever hoists.

Maanshan Fangyuan Slewing Ring Co

Central 3-5 C-7251B Manufacturer of slew rings for tower, mobile and crawler cranes, plus other construction machines.

Mac Trailer Mfg

Hilton center H-20022

Multi-axle flatbed and other trailers.

Mack Trucks

Silver 3 S-805

Truck manufacturer.

Maintainer Corp. of Iowa

Silver 1-2 S-590

Service truck bodies and cranes


Silver 1-2 S-734

Foundation and piling support cranes.


Silver LOT 4 S-19445

Transfer cases, drop boxes and steerable drive axles.

Mercedes-Benz USA

Riviera lot RL-40038

Engines and drive train components.

Michelin North America

South 1 S-9755



South 2 S-13239 Brakes.

MTU Detroit Diesel

South 2 S-16127 Heavy duty engines.

Muncie Power Products

South 2 S-15341 Power take offs and hydraulic components.

Muv-All Trailers

Hilton center H-23014 Trailers for specialized traonsport.

NBB Controls

South 1 S-11247 Radio remote controls


Safety zone SZ-1300 National Institute for Occupational Safety and health.


Blue lot B-961 Boom slider pads and outrigger pads.

OEM Controls

South 2 S-13049

Manufacturer of electro hydraulic proportional and on/off single and multi- axis controllers.

Parker Hannifin

Silver 3 S-802

Hydraulic components and systems.

Penny & Giles

South 2 S-15226

Joysticks, electronic sensors and controls.

Peterbilt Motors Company

South 1 S-11115

Truck manufacturer.


South 2 S-17819

On site hydraulic hose replacement service.

Q-Line Trucking

South 2 S-16454

Trucking and specialized transport services.

Quadrant Plastic Composites

Riviera Pavilion RP-33022

Polymer technology and thermoplastic composite parts.

Ramsey Winch Company

Riviera Pavilion RP-36017


Raydan Manufacturing

South 1 S-9253

Air ride suspension, kingpin systems and chassis modification for heavy duty equipment.


Green Pavilion GP-51329

Cable, wire rope and hose reels.

Rexnord Industries

Central 3-5 C-7243

Power transmission components.


South 2 S-18011

Mechanical couplings and torque limiters.

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

North N-2041

Used equipment auctioneer.

Roadranger Eaton Corporation & Dana Corporation

South 2 S-16339 Axles, transmissions and other components and systems.


Central 3-5 C-6282 Winches.

Sistemas Forza

Blue lot B-964

Saez tower cranes.


South 1 S-12829 Bearings.


Blue Lot B-901

Collision avoidance systems for cranes.

SSAB Hardox

Central 1-2 C-4168

Swedish producer of high grade steel.

On display will be Weldex 1100 and 1300, which the company says are the world’s strongest structural steels for mobile and truck-mounted cranes. “Weldex 1300, with a strength of 190 ksi, boasts the highest yield strength of any quenched and tempered steel on the market.”

Stellar Industries

Gold Lot G-230

Mechanic cranes and service trucks.

Sterling Trucks

South 1 S-9215

Truck manufacturer.

Sun Source

South 2 S-13527

The Mobile Technology Division supplies complete open and closed loop hydraulic system and integrated electronics for construction and utility equipment manufacturers.

Tele Radio

Riviera Pavilion RP-37032

Radio remote controls.


Gold Lot G-200

The manufacturer will be showing a range of products including the Demag AC 100/4 all terrain. According to the manufacturer it is the strongest 100 tonne capacity four-axle crane on the market. It has a maximum load moment of 308 tonne-metres, a 50 m telescopic boom, plus 27 m of main boom extension (HAV), which, Terex says, is the most variable in its class.

The 19 m HAV can be offset at the basic boom as well as at the eight metre extension, making it possible to achieve large radii or to lift loads over projected edges. With a dolly, the crane is roadable in most parts of the US, as the distance between axle two and three is eight feet (2.4 m).

Also on show will be the new HC 230 crawler crane, which offers a 230 tonne capacity at a 14 foot (14.3 m) reach when equipped with a 77 SI boom and hammerhead tip. The maximum capacity can also be reached with a 92 HI boom, offset tip, at 16 foot (4.9 m). Maximum main boom length is 290 feet (88.4 m) or 390 feet (118.9 m) with a boom extension.

The RT 1120 rough terrain is one of the most powerful rough-terrains in the US market, with a 120 US Ton (107 tonne) lifting capacity, says the company. The five-section, three-mode boom has a basic hook height of 155 feet (47 m). A 30 to 56 foot (9 to 17 m) bi-fold jib is available, as well as two additional 26 foot (7.9 m) jib inserts, providing a 271 foot (82.6 m) hook height.

The Stinger-class BT 4792 boom truck will also be in the iron. The model has a 47,000 pounds (21 tonnes) lifting capacity and 60,000 pounds (27 tonnes) total weight. Maximum boom height is 101 feet (30.8 m) or 144 feet (43.9 m) with main boom extension. Working platforms and cages can be attached.

Terex Comedil recently launched a new range of flat top tower cranes, the medium CTT series. The range sits between the manufacturer’s City and big series’. On show will be the CTT 231, which is the first in the range, and soon to be followed by two others. Lifting capacity is 2.1 tonnes at 70 m maximum jib length. Maximum capacity is 10 to 12 tonnes.


Silver Lot 4 S-19135 Heavy duty crawler mounted support cranes for pilling.


Blue Lot B-951 Outrigger pads.


Green Pavilion GP-50844

Manual and powered hoists, traction hoists, fall protection equipment.

Trail King Industries

Gold Lot G-175

Trailers for specialized transport.

Tulsa Winch Group

Gold Lot G-314



South 2 S-16105 Lubricants.


Silver 1-2 S-614 Central 1-2 C-4033 German association for manufacturers of construction equipment.


South 1 S-10513

Software for service and equipment management.

ZF Industries

South 2 S-16039

Driveline and chassis technology for on- and off-road vehicles.

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