BigLift super fly load test

09 January 2012

Huisman's 17 m super fly jib on BigLift Shipping’s Happy Buccaneer

Huisman's 17 m super fly jib on BigLift Shipping’s Happy Buccaneer

Huisman has installed and load tested its 17 m super fly jib for one of the heavy lift mast cranes onboard BigLift Shipping's Happy Buccaneer

The super fly jib increases the lifting height and outreach of the crane by 50% to 59 m above deck and 55m radius. Lifting capacity with the fly jib is 350 tonnes at 35 m outreach and 250 tonnes at a 50 m. The lifting height increases to about 59 m above deck.

To reduce installation time of the fly jib, lightweight stays produced by FibreMax are being used. For future projects requiring further outreach or lifting height capacities, the fly jib can be extended. The fly jib can be used with BigLift's Happy Buccaneer and de Happy S vessels.

The heavy lift mast crane concept was developed by Huisman in 1983, says the company, and has become an industry standard for the design and construction of heavy lift cranes.

The Happy Buccaneer was fitted with two heavy lift mast cranes in 1984. The original lifting capacity was 550 tonnes before they were upgraded to 700 tonnes in 2006.

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