Blown away?

By Maria Hadlow02 December 2008

Wind sensors could help save lives.

Wind sensors could help save lives.

In every access platform user manual there should be information about under which weather conditions it is safe to operate the machine, particularly important is wind strength and direction. Skyview Systems is a UK company specialising in wind warning and wind monitoring systems which can be employed by access platform and crane users to help prevent accidents.

Wind sensors can be installed on the access platform and the information collected delivered to both the operator and a central operations control if required. Using this information decisions can be made as to whether use of the machine should be discontinued.

Data from the wind sensors can also be fed into a dedicated website, Skylink-pro where engineers can track wind conditions at all times and observe how prevailing conditions compare with the site forecast.

Skyview Systems also has a GPRS system which,via GPS, can send real-time data regarding wind conditions anywhere in the UK.

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