BMS invests in Enerpac system

25 April 2008

Denmark-based crane rental house BMS has bought a new synchronised heavy lifting equipment system from Enerpac. BMS project manager Nils Lundgren told IC, “We bought an eight- and a four-outlet power pack from Enerpac, where the four outlet system can run as a ‘slave’ to the eight outlet system or run individually. The system gets input from sensors that detect movement at each jacking point. This movement tells the system to open or close the connection to the jacking point.”

The first test of the system was lowering a 1,600 tonne section of concrete deck for a highway bridge. The semicircular design of the bridge meant that the six support points on the inner perimeter were less loaded that the six support points along the outer perimeter. As all the support points had different loading, BMS adjusted the hydraulic jack sizes and at some places used two jacks at one support point. This stressed the system but it, according to Lundgren, “performed flawlessly, even keeping below the +/- 10 mm longitudinal accuracy between support points and +/- 5 mm transverse.”

Aluminium plates were used as blocking where necessary. The job was completed after eight hours of placing the section at a speed of 100 mm per hour.

For more on heavy lifting see the feature starting on page 31.

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