Bobcat’s remote control loaders

23 May 2019

Bobcat is launching a new remote control system for its compact loaders, which will allow operators to leave the cab and control the machine remotely. 

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Bobcat’s remote control system will be available for all wheel steer loader models equipped with Selectable Joystick Controls

The new Plug & Play system will be compatible with Bobcat skid-steer, compact track and all wheel steer loader models equipped with the company’s Selectable Joystick Controls.

Bobcat said the system allows operators direct sight of the progress of work and increases the versatility of loaders when working with attachments such as trenchers and wheelsaws, where the operator specifically needs to drive backwards.

According to the manufacturer operators working in demolition and recycling environments would benefit from improved health and safety. It said the system could allow operators to work at a distance, away from dirt, dust, noise and dangerous or toxic materials being handled by the loader.

The company said it also allows operators to talk face-to-face with project colleagues and to manage the surroundings (verbally or non-verbally) at the same time.

Jiri Karmazin, Doosan Bobcat’s loaders product manager, said: “The remote control system can be used in many applications with the focus on limitless visibility, the ability to communicate with the surroundings without the need to be present in the cab, comfort enhancement for applications with noise, vibration and harshness or even in dangerous areas.” He added: ”This was the voice of our customers and the issues we observed on most jobsites.”

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Bobcat’s remote control system

Bobcat’s Plug & Play system comprises a portable industrial radio remote control that can be mounted and dismounted on machines in a just a few minutes.

Bobcat said it offers operators a completely new and alternative opportunity in terms of visibility and communication.

The company said the system will be commercially available later this year. 



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