Böcker launches 12 tonne truck mounted crane

08 February 2018

A 12 tonne capacity truck mounted crane is new from Böcker

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The boom on the 12 tonne capacity Böcker AK 52 is made from aluminium

German manufacturer Böcker said its new AK 52 truck mounted crane has a payload of 12 tonnes and an extension length of 52 metres (optional 55 m). The crane’s boom is made from aluminium and there is a hybrid telescopic mast system with a 45 metre reach.

According to Böcker, the AK 52 can extend a one-tonne load to a distance of 34 m while reaching a height of up to 30 m. This, the company claimed, makes it well-suited for work on multi-storey buildings and industrial glass and façade constructions, as it enables the crane to reach the far side of many buildings.

The telescopic boom is radio controlled and Böcker said, due to the AK 52’s powerful cylinder technology, it can extend completely without changing its mast angle – even when in an almost vertical position.

The AK 52 also has rear axle steering and is designed to be compact, with a minimal swing radius which, Böcker said, makes it flexible in tight spaces. On maximum reach the swing radius is 2.2 metres, Böcker said, and the crane upper protrudes no more than 0.9 metres beyond the frame of the carrier vehicle. This can be achieved without needing retractable counterweight, the manufacturer said.

Variable outrigger support positioning allows flexibility in set up and there is a wide maximum spread with high ground clearance, said Böcker. Sensors on each support for ground pressure are designed to help calculate optimal ground load distribution and to ensure that the axles retract automatically during levelling.

Böcker said the AK 52 can be retrofitted with a specially-made work basket for use as a work platform, quickly and without requiring specialist tools, due to its Easy-Lock system. The work basket is designed for a 600 kg payload and can be hydraulically extended to a range of 3.5 m during operation. It can also be hydraulically rotated through 400 degrees.

Power for the crane is from an auxiliary drive on the truck which, Böcker claimed, consumes less fuel and requires less maintenance than separate ancillary drives. Refuelling only has to take place once, the company added, while a large tank volume on the truck is designed to allow the crane to operate longer.

Also fitted is an intelligent control system and a radio remote control system with a graphic display which, Böcker said, makes the crane easy-to-use and safe. The control technology has automatic set-up control, an auto-levelling function, and a ‘go-home’ function for easy and quick dismantling. An optional camera mounted permanently on the boom, enables the operator to control blind spots via the display screen on the radio control transmitter.

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