Böcker launches wind-turbine lift

25 July 2011

Over 450 visitors attended Bocker's customer days.

Over 450 visitors attended Bocker's customer days.

German manufacturer, Böcker, has launched a specially designed lift for servicing wind turbines. The Energy-Lift is designed for permanent installation on wind powered plants and carries two people or up to 250kg of material to a height of up to 200m at a speed of up to 18m/min

Böcker describes the Energy Lift as being of sturdy outdoor design with an up-to-date landing call control and it expects the lift to be primarily used outside Germany on lattice-mast-construction wind energy plants.

The Energy Lift was shown at Böcker's customer days where 450 visitors from 16 countries were presented with information about new products and international market trends.

Other new products included the AVARIO HD 27 K, a compact trailer-based construction lift, with a load capacity of 270kg and a transport height of up to 27m and the AGILO Compact, a furniture lift installed on a vehicle with compact dimensions and a high load capacity.

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