Bologna catwalk

28 February 2008

Merlo's new MPR range of aerial platforms combines rough-terrain mobility with working heights up to

Merlo's new MPR range of aerial platforms combines rough-terrain mobility with working heights up to 30 m.

It is SAIE's turn this month to debut new equipment, even though several of the newer machines on show will be launches in Italy of products previously seen at Bauma earlier this year. Nonetheless, the launches, the 260000 m2 of show space, and 1750 exhibitors give visitors a lot to see.

What is there for access visitors to look out for in particular? The Italians are strong in crawlers, and the bigger ones at SAIE will be the Ragno XTJ 42 from Palazzani, previewed at Bauma, and a new 41 m working height machine from CMC. Other, smaller models will be Tecchio's new 22 m working height machine, a 16 m from Platform Basket, and 19 m and 15 m models from SUP.

New truck-mounts include a 27 m working height MX 270 from OP Pagliero and the 56 m working height TJ56 on a 32 t carrier from Socage.

At the other end of the working height range is Braviisol. It is launching a 6 m version of its popular Leonardo mini platform.

Noteworthy, too, is mast climbing equipment. Alimak Hek's Italian subsidiary is showing its new modular line of mast climbing machines in both light- and medium-weight models. Geda will have its new lightweight work platform and new combination hoist at Bologna, too, and ASClimber is showing the latest versions of its modular models.

Those interested in telehandlers will have lots to see as well. JLG is launching a model at SAIE, but it says anyone wanting additional information will have to visit its stand – could it be the smaller version of the compact 266? Faresin, Merlo, and Manitou will exhibit their new models, and Bobcat, Haulotte, and Case are launching relatively new models into Italy at SAIE.

To make your visit easier to plan, we have prepared a full listing of access exhibitors, giving details – where known by the company – of what machines they will be showing. Enjoy the show.

Exhibitor listing

3B6 Area 44 Stand A14

Italian manufacturer 3B6 will exhibit from its range of operator assistance devices and electronic control and measuring systems.

Access International (AI) Area 42 Stand 20

AI exhibits with its Italian representative, Mediapoint & Communications, in the media zone. Copies of all KHL Group magazines will be available from the stand.

Alimak Hek Area 48 Stand A101

Alimak Hek will exhibit from its new HEK Modular System. In the light and medium range will be the MCL, TPM 1300SD, TPL 900S, and the TPL 1800TD models.

Airo Tigieffe Area 45 Stands B36, C32

Airo will launch a new range of vertical compact platforms with platform heights from 6 m to 12 m, available in 90 and 120 mm width versions.

ANMOPyC Area 36 Stand F78

Spanish association of construction equipment manufacturers.

ASClimber Area 42 Stand B16

ASC will display the latest versions of its transport platforms, the XML T 20, offering 800-1100 kg of payload, and the H600 T, with 600 kg of payload.

Autec Area 48 Stand A41

Italian radio remote control manufacturer Autec will showcase its full product line and will premiere two brand new pushbutton handsets.

Barin Area 42 Stands B44, B81

Barin will be exhibiting from its range of underbridge access units.

Benelligru Area 44 Stand C42

Benelligru will exhibit from its range of self-propelled platforms.

Bison Palfinger Area 44 Stands F16, G11

Expect to see the new 3.5 t TA range of Bison Palfinger truck mounts, in both the Business and Economy versions, in 14, 17, 21, and 25 m working heights.

Bluelift Area 42 Stand B13

A selection of crawler-mounted platforms will beon display from Italy's Bluelift.

Bobcat Hall 36 Stand D41

SAIE is the scene of the Italian launch of the T2250 compact telehandler.

Böcker Italia Area 42 Stand B29

Böcker will exhibit from its range of hoists and platform crane trucks.

BPE Electronics Area 35 Stand C48

This Italian manufacturer will show its overload/moment/outreach limiters, force measurement devices, outrigger controls, and function displays.

Braviisol Area 49 Stand B10

From Braviisol expect to see the 6 m working height model of the latest version of its Leonardo access platform.

Case Hall 30 Stands C 20, D 35,

Telescopic handlers will be represented by the TX140-45, an agile, rapid and sturdy machine, says the company, with a maximum lifting height of 13.55 m and a lift capacity at maximum reach of 4500 kg.

CMC Area 42 Stand B85

New on CMC's stand will be a 41 m working height crawler with 15 m of outreach and a basket capacity of 200 kg. It is 1.8 m wide and 1.98 m tall.

Cela Area 44 Stand F11

Cela produces telescopic booms for vehicles 3.5 t GVW, or heavier, and 'Spider' AWPs.

Comet Officine Area 44 Stand D43 Area 45 Stand A10

Comet makes articulated booms for trucks.

CTE Area 45 Stands B40, C36, B44, C42 Area 42 Stand B21

CTE will show a variety of CTE- and Bizzocchi-branded platforms.

Dieci Area 48 Stand E113

Dieci will show from its range of telehandlers.

Faber Area 44 Stand A20

This Italian manufacturer will exhibit from its line of electronic and hydraulic controls.

Faraone – Ima Area 42 Stand B40 Area 48 Stand D70

Faraone makes personnel lifts and other access equipment.

Faresin Handlers Area 45 Stand D65

Faresin will show its new Storm 15.45 and 18.45 rotating telehandler models with 4.5 t lift capacity.

Ferrari International 2 Area 44 Stand D23

Hydraulic accessories, baskets, and rotators.

Geda Area 49 Stand A48

Exhibiting for the first time with its new Italian partner LDS, Geda will exhibit the lightweight scaffolding hoist 200Z and the new personnel and material hoist Multilift, both launched at Bauma.

Genie Industries Area 42 Stand B21 Area 45 Stands B40, C36, B44, C42

Genie exhibits at its Italian representative's stand, CTE.

GSR Area 44 Stand B16

GSR is showing from its range of truck-mounted platforms, including the E219PX on a Nissan carrier, which it introduced at Bauma.

Haulotte Italia Area 45 Stand D80

Haulotte Group unveil for the Italian market its new range of HTL telescopic handlers. Visitors can also enter the lottery for a chance to win one of 10 mini motorbikes.

Hinowa Hall 29 Stand A38 Hall 36 Stand A97

Hinowa shows its Lightlift 14.72 and Lightlift 19.65 models. The company has given the platforms the new Honda engine that provides 'feedback control', automatically matching the engine running speed to the requirements of the platform movements.

International Rental News (IRN) Area 42 Stand 20

Access International''s sister magazine, International Rental News (IRN), exhibits on the stand of Mediapoint & Communicataions, its Italian agent. Copies of IRN and other KHL Group titles will be available from the stand.

IPAF Italia Pad 29 Stand F55

The highlight here will be a four-times-a-day, 15-minute 'play' to reinforce the Italian “Clic Clac” campaign for the use of harnesses on boom type platforms. IPAF also hosts a meeting to discuss powered access in Italy, with some high-level government representatives taking part.

Isoli Area 44 Stand C18

soli will exhibit from it range of PT, PMT, and PTJ lines of boomed AWPs.

Iteco Area 45 Stand D42

Iteco will exhibit the IT 7380, 4680 M, 10090, 12122, 12151,1218DE models of its scissor lifts range.

JLG Industries Area 35 Stands B50, C48

JLG will launch a new telehandler – possibly a smaller version of the very compact 266. Otherwise, the newest equipment on the stand will be the vertical-mast 1230ES launched at Bauma.

Leader Area 45 Stand B28

The Italian dealer is representing Giraffa, Instant UpRight, Kesla, PB, Niftylift, Maeda, PB, Power Access, and Worldlift Industries.

Lionlift Area 45 Stands A15, A16

Lionlift will exhibit from its lines of truck-mounted and crawler platforms.

Maber Area 48 Stand C52

Bobcat's dealer in Italy will display from its line of telehandlers.

Manitou Area 48 Stands D73, E68, E73

Manitou will exhibit its new Privilege line of 4 t capacity telehandlers.

Mediapoint & Communications Area 42 Stand 20

Access International's Italian representative is exhibiting in the media hall, with copies of all KHL Group magazines available.

Merlo Area 48 Stands A69, B70

On Merlo's stand will be its new MPR rough-terrain access system with working heights up to 30 m.

Niftylift Area 45 Stand B28

The UK manufacturer is exhibiting with Leader.

Officine Piccini Area 48 Stand A9

Officine Piccini will exhibit from its line of telehandlers.

Oil & Steel Area 44 Stands F28, G23

Pride of place on Oil & Steel's stand will be its 21 m working height crawler model, the Octopussy 21, and the 20 m working height Scorpion 2012.

OP Pagliero Area 44 Stands E40, F27

Among the seven Multitel platforms on the stand, new will be the 27 m working height MX 270 on a 5.6 t Nissan Atleon.

Oxley Area 42 Stand B2

Oxley sells new and used platforms, rents platforms, makes some specialist vertical mast units, and also sells control systems.

Palazzani Area 36 Stand B79; Area 44 Stand A64

Palazzani will exhibit its new model Ragno TSJ 19, previewed at Bauma. The 2800 kg TSJ 19 offers 19 m maximum working height with 2 men and 9 m of maximum outreach.

Piat Area 48 Stand C31

Piat will exhibit from its range of electric mast climbing platforms.

Platform Basket Area 44 Stands A56, B23

This Italian manufacturer will show its new 15 m working height Spider 15.75. It provides 8 m of maximum outreach with 120 kg payload and 6 m with 200 kg. It is 0.78 m wide and 1.92 m high.

Porello Giovanni Battista Area 48 Stand B42

Porello will exhibit from its range of crawler spider platforms.

RAM Area 30 Stand C68

RAM will exhibit from its range of platforms.

Rent Up Area 44 Stands A48, B19 Area 42 Stand B10

Rent UP is an access rental company.

Rovers Area 48 Stand B81

Rovers manufactures mast climbing work platforms and hoists.

Safi Area 48 StandS C71, D74

Safi will exhibit from its range of mast climber platforms.

Savis Area 44 Stand D54

This Turin-based company is the new Italian importer of the Teupen line.

Sequani Meccanica Area 42 Stand B21; Area 45 Stands B40, C36, B44, C42

Sequani manufactures booms for trucks and is represented by CTE.

Smea.n Area 48 Stand D36

Smea.n sells and rents self-propelled booms, truck mounted lifts, suspended platforms and mast climbers.

Socage Area 47 Stand A67

Smea.n sells and rents self-propelled booms, truck mounted lifts, suspended platforms and mast climbers.

Socage Area 47 Stand A67

Socage is launching a 56 m working height truck mounted platform, the TJ56, on a 32 t carrier. It is also showing a new version of its T23, on a 3.5 t MB 311, and a new DA26 on a 6t GVW Isuzu.

STP Area 44 Stand C10

STP will exhibit its ladders, scaffolding, ramps and elevators.

SUP Piattaforme Aeree Area 49 Stands A36, B30

SUP, an affiliate of CMC, will show three new spiders: the 41 m working height Elefant S41, which is on wheels; the 15 m working height S15; and the 19 m working height, 12 m outreach S19.

Tecchio Area 44 Stand B40

Tecchio will launch its 22 m working height K622DAT crawler, which is 1200 mm wide and offers an outreach of 10.8 m.

Teupen Machinenbau Area 42 Stand B2

Tuepen will exhibit at the stand of its Italian dealer, Savis.

Terex Area 48 Stand F98

Other Terex brands on display will include telehandlers. Subsidiary Genie exhibits on another stand (see separate entry).

Venpa Area 36 Stands C77, D78

Venpa is Italy's largest aerial platform rental company.

Worldlift Industries Area 45 Stand B28

This Danish manufacturer of the Falcon, Denka and Falck Schmidt range of platforms is exhibiting with Leader.

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