Boom without the bang

07 May 2008

US company, MLE (Man Material Lift Engineering), specialises in access machinery specifi cally designed for particular industrial environments, either modifying standard machines or building bespoke units.

Most recently MLE has developed the A30JEX articulated boom lift for Class 1 Division hazardous environments. This means the machine can be used where ignitable concentrations of fl ammable gases, vapours or liquids can exist all or some of the time under normal conditions. The machine is suitable for applications such as painting, oil and gas processing and in gas storage locations.

The A30JEX is 1.22 m wide and has a 9.1 m platform height and 6.7 m of side reach, which includes the rotate-to-the-side jib. JLG supplies its electrically-powered boom assembly.

The most recent machine was built for N. J. McCutchen Inc, a custom metal fabrication specialist in Stockton, California, whose services include sandblasting, painting and welding.

MLE designs and manufactures from the ground up as well as modifi es existing lifts, ”In fact,” says Greg Irby, sales coordinator at MLE, “most of our specialty Man lifts such as: (EX) explosion proof manlifts, electrically insulated manlifts, air powered manlifts, cleanroom manlifts and electric powered manlifts use the base machines of JLG, Genie Industries, Skyjack and others.”

The A30JEX uses intrinsically safe controls, the motor is housed in an explosion proof enclosure and the battery boxes are designed in accordance with UL583 and have specifi c thicknesses and openings to prevent accidental arcing from objects touching the battery. There is also an automatic shut-off in case the lid is opened during operation.

The main power wiring and electrical components are enclosed in a rigid conduit or explosion proof enclosures. The electrical wiring to all switches is powered by a safe amplifi er that limits voltage and current to very low values.

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