BOS cranes for UBOC

By Christian Shelton02 September 2020

Azerbaijan-headquartered oil and gas company Umid Babek Operating Company (UBOC) has bought four of the latest generation of offshore cranes from Switzerland-headquartered equipment manufacturer Liebherr.

The order comprises: two Board Offshore cranes (BOS) 2600, with a maximum lifting capacity of 45 tonnes at 30 metres onboard; and two BOS 4200 cranes, which lift 50 tonnes at 40 metres onboard. Liebherr said its BOS cranes are characterised by a modular design and standardised components.

Both cranes have a lattice boom with a maximum working outreach of 48 metres at the main hoist and 53 metres at the auxiliary hoist. The cranes are powered electro-hydraulically and are equipped with Liebherr’s Litronic control system. They both offer 360-degree unlimited slewing and come with a remote control unit for emergency operation.

The cranes will be delivered to UBOC in 2021 from Liebherr’s production site in Rostock, Germany. This is the first time Liebherr has sold offshore cranes directly to Azerbaijan. The cranes will come with certification by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). Liebherr also said it will be able to offer a high level of on-site customer service via its technicians based at a local service station in Azerbaijan, who can be on the platform within 24 hours.


UBOC has bought two BOS 2600 (pictured) and two BOS 4200

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