BoSS products designed for a multitude of tasks

By Steve Ducker20 August 2015

The BoSS X-Series is a tough, professional and manually propelled range of micro powered access platforms that allows users to carry out a multitude of tasks.

Within the range, the company has developed the Self-Propelled BoSS X3X-SP micro scissor lift which offers a host of class leading features, such as the tilt sensor and auto braking for safe and space efficient working.

For lower working units, the BoSS Low Level Work Systems range has been designed for demanding, long duration jobs and where frequent access to the working area is required.

The low level product range allows variable working for up to two workers to carry out a host of maintenance jobs, internally or externally, with the capability to join units together.

“Both the X-Series and Low Level Work Systems offer workers safe, versatile and efficient platforms and access towers whatever the job," said product development director Paul Bruton.

"We know time is of the essence and our quick assembly of platforms allows you to complete jobs in a fraction of the time.”

Safety is paramount when working at height, which is why the Low Level Work Systems benefit from a safe access clip on BoSS stairway ladder and flexible unit lengths that work with any standard BoSS deck.

The X-Series also provides workers with platform overload and pressure loss valves as well as safety cut out on descent.

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