Boxer adds smallest skid

25 March 2008

The smallest model in the Boxer Equipment range has been unveiled by US-based Compact Power Inc (CPI). The new 320 model mini-skid can handle the same standard attachments as the larger Boxer models, and is a dedicated track machine with a 7 in (180 mm) wide rubber track producing only 22 kPa of ground pressure.

It has a 15 kw Kohler Command Pro air-cooled engine and two-pump, 207 bar hydraulic operating system that develops 30 l/min of hydraulic flow to run its auxiliary and propulsion systems. It also features a universal compact utility loader mounting plate, so any attachment for an existing mini skid will fit the Boxer 320.

At 34,5 in (0,88 m) wide it can handle tight areas and has a tip capacity of 1250 lb (457 kg), an operating capacity of 625 lb (284 kg) at 50% operating capacity (438 lb (200 kg) at 35% tip load) and a maximum ground speed of 5,4 kph according to Boxer, the 320 can handle a full complement of over 50 universal utility attachments for a variety of industries, including full size attachments such as a 36 in (0,91 m) auger or 48 in (1,2 m) trench.

The company has also added the 530X to its mini-skid range. An update to the Boxer TL-224-34, it has a 22 kw Kohler Command Pro air-cooled gas engine and a two-pump, 207 bar, 55 l/min hydraulic system to drive its auxiliary and propulsion systems. It also has an integrated track system that can be retracted from 43,5 in (1,1 m) fully extended to a width of 35 in (0,89 m) and the 9 in (0,23 m) wide tracks exert 22,8 kPa of ground pressure.

Modifications to the 530X include increased tip capacity to 1650 lb (750 kg), improved operating capacity of 825 lb (375 kg) at 50%, higher hinge pin and dumping heights of 76 in (1,9 m) and 60 in (1,5 m), respectively, a ground speed of 5,9 kph and a reach of 34 in (0,86 m).

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