Bravi fulfils second Uco platform order

07 November 2012

Norwegian rental firm Uco takes delivery of its new fleet of Leonardo HD work platforms

Norwegian rental firm Uco takes delivery of its new fleet of Leonardo HD work platforms

Italian manufacturer Bravi Platforms has delivered a second consignment of Leonardo HD work platforms to Norwegian rental firm Uco.

Uco took delivery of its first Leonardo HD order from Bravi in May of this year. According to Bravi sales manager Marina Torres the rental firm was very satisfied with the product, especially with the improvements made on the HD version, which allows for a much wider range of application and therefore increased rental use.

Bravi had to turn around the second consignment in record time as Uco had seen high demand for the model and had no units left in stock. Already, most of the units just delivered are out on rent.

The Leonardo HD platform can be loaded onto small trucks to make it easy to transport. The aerial lift can climb an incline of 35% under its own power. Its base is only 50 cm high, while its wide working area basket extends to a maximum length of 1.7 m. The units has a zero turning radius, which means that the machine can rotate over its own length, meaning it can work in confined spaces.

The HD spec Leonardo also comes with all-steel chassis and canopies with swing-out batteries, forklift pockets, active pot-hole protection for an increased ground clearance, and a Cataphorese coating, which offers high protection against weather conditions, rust, alkali and diluted acids.

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