Bredenoord looks to 'local' rentals for growth

19 March 2010

Jaap Fluit, general manager of Bredenoord.

Jaap Fluit, general manager of Bredenoord.

Netherlands-based power rental and genset manufacturer Bredenoord said it will focus on developing new rental markets in Europe rather than moving further into the international power projects market.

Jaap Fluit, the company's general manager, told IRN that France, Poland and the UK are all possible targets. "For the local business, North and western Europe are where we want to be. Our [service intensive] rental concept doesn't allow us to step far away from that.

"We've always looked at the UK as very interesting, but somehow the sea between us has stopped us from hopping over...who knows?" The company currently rents gensets primarily in the Benelux region, Denmark and Germany.

A significant move into new markets is unlikely this year as the company copes with the general downturn. However, an expansion in the years ahead is very likely, with Bredenoord preferring to find local partners working with experienced Bredenoord staff - a model that has served them well in the past, such as in Germany.

Potential partners are not necessarily rental firms, but engine service specialists or other companies in the power market; "We are a very technology oriented company", says Mr Fluit, "we fit well with other technical companies."

Mr Fluit told IRN that the major international power project business would not be a major focus for the company going forward; "That kind of business takes a lot of investment and carries a lot of risk. We see the time will come when a lot of units will become available on the market....that's not a problem we want to worry about."

Read the full interview with Mr Fluit in the April issue of IRN, in which he also talks about the company's development of fuel cell powered gensets.

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