Bridge access - plain sailing for Mateco

By Maria Hadlow10 February 2009

Mateco has combined a pontoon and an access platform to create a solution for inspection structures

Mateco has combined a pontoon and an access platform to create a solution for inspection structures near inland waterways.

In order to examine bridges and buildings fast and effectively from the water, Mateco has mounted a LT 350 K D, truck mounted access platform, on a floating pontoon.

Propelled by a tugboat, the platform has a working height of 35 m and a 30 m outreach so is suited to the inspection of buidings and tree surgery work around inland waters. The floating platform is said to increase the efficiency and safety of inspecting waterside structures. These are the reasons that Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Stuttgart (Water and Navigation Stuttgart) has employed this access solution several times on the Neckar River in Germany between Heilbronn and Plochingen.

The LT 350 K D can carry 100 kg at its maximum outreach of 30 m but its maximum load is 350 kg - equivalent to three people and 110 kg of additional load. The 350 kg capacity allows one dedicated Mateco operator manoeuvring the platform, plus two engineers concentrating on their inspection work. If the work area extends over 50 m (alongside the pontoon) the captain of the tug moves the pontoon on. The experiences of the captain and the Mateco operator complement each other in accessing the inspection sites and ensuring a safe working environment.

Mateco rents this floating unit as a package, it has been employed by independent building examiners, local authorities or tree surgeons.

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