Brokk 70 powers up

By Mike Hayes09 September 2019


The new Brokk 70 is offered with a BHB 105 hydraulic breaker

Remote-controlled demolitions machine manufacturer Brokk recently unveiled the Brokk 70.

Brokk says the new machine offers 100% more power than its predecessor, the Brokk 60 ll. At the same time, its dimensions are identical and the Brokk 70 weighs just 60kg more.

Martin Krupicka, president and CEO of the Brokk Group, said, “Brokk is always looking to maximise the power-to-weight ratio of our machines.

“With the unique Brokk SmartPower technology and the BHB 105, the Brokk 70 revolutionises the capabilities of compact demolition robots. It far surpasses the Brokk 60 II in power and versatility, allowing operators to bring more power to bear in the most confined spaces.”

With SmartPower – which senses when the power supply is poor, then compensates before components can be damaged – the machine has 9.7kW of power with a hydraulic output of 5.5kW.

Brokk offers each Brokk 70 machine with a BHB 105 hydraulic breaker, providing 159 joules of hitting power.

Advanced features are also available, including water spray to suppress dust and air-cooling technology for working in hot environments.

Brokk says the Brokk 70 can pair with attachments including concrete crushers, drum cutters, grapples and scoop buckets.

The new machine has a three-part arm, extending to 3.2m vertically and 2.7m horizontally. With its compact dimensions, the robot will fit through standard doorways and its design makes it a good option for working in tight interior spaces.

The robot incorporates Brokk’s SmartConcept system (a combination of SmartPower, SmartDesign and SmartRemote), promising improved performance and greater uptime.

SmartDesign extends machine life and provides ease of maintenance. An ergonomic remote control — the SmartRemote — incorporates adjustable straps, intuitive controls and professional-grade radio technology with almost 300m of wireless working range.

Brokk says its new machine has 70% fewer cables, rugged components, LED headlights and easily accessible grease points and hydraulic hoses.

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