Brokk enjoys a golden hour at Plantworx

By Steve Ducker22 June 2017

128035 brokk 500

Demolition robot specialist Brokk sold a new 500 model within an hour of the start of the recent Plantworx exhibition in the United Kingdom that marked the official launch of the product in Britain.

And UK managing director Martin Krupicka believes it’s just the first of many as units start to roll off the production line.

Brokk confirmed that Active Environmental Services – a demolition company based in the south of England – bought the machine.

It had been in discussions with Active’s managing director Adrian Maelzer in the the weeks leading up to the show.

“The 500 is quite an easy sell,” said Martin.

“A lot of customers know our 400 model, but by bringing in the 702 breaker – which weighs 700 kg (1,543 lb) compared to 500 kg (1,102 lb) of its predecessor the 552 – we get a whole new performance.

“Power is key to this. We can use power more dynamically in the system, we can squeeze out 30% more, with an upside of greater reliability. Size-wise, however, the product is almost identical to the 400.”

Martin added that early sales could come from customers upgrading from the Brokk 330.

“I can see a lot of upgrades from the 330,” he said.

“The 400 is a good machine, but it’s not that old.”

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