Brokk makes Belgian move

By Lindsay Gale10 June 2015

Michel Sanz, managing director Brokk France/Brokk Belgium (l) and Joachim Van de Perre, sales manage

Michel Sanz, managing director Brokk France/Brokk Belgium (l) and Joachim Van de Perre, sales manager for Brokk Belgium

Brokk AB has established a new subsidiary company, Brokk Belgium, to service its customers in that market with its own dedicated staff. The company’s robots were previously distributed and sold in Belgium via Atlas Copco dealers.

Brokk Belgium will be set up as a branch office of Brokk France SAS and customers in Belgium will thus have the advantage of tapping into the resources of this larger organization. Mr Michel Sanz, MD of Brokk France and Brokk Belgium, said: “We have already started contacting our existing and new customers in the Belgian market and we now look forward to work closely with them to help our customers take full advantage of the benefits the Brokk machines can bring to their businesses. Atlas Copco Belgium will remain service partner for Brokk in Belgium. This means that Brokk customers in the market can choose to use Atlas Copco for service or use the service operation that Brokk Belgium sets up.”

“We have had a long and successful partnership in Belgium with Atlas Copco. Now it is time for us to take the next logical step to further develop the market. Strategically, this is an important investment for the market since we see a significant potential for Brokk in the Belgium market. Setting up our own organization is a testament to our long-term commitment to our customers in Belgium,” said Martin Krupicka, CEO of Brokk Group.

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