Brokk unveils atomised water mist

19 March 2020

Leading remote-controlled demolition robot manufacturer Brokk used the recent ConExpo show in Las Vegas, USA, to unveil its new Atomised Water Mist.

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Brokk wanted a solution that optimised safety without mess

The company says its new dust suppression produces atomised fog that effectively binds airborne dust particles while providing suppression at ground level. In addition, the mist dissipates, rather than forming puddles, which Brokk said makes for a safer, cleaner job site.

Available for all Brokk remote-controlled demolition robots, the dust suppression offers a solution for combatting harmful silica dust in demolition applications.

“Safety has always been paramount for Brokk; which is why, for more than 40 years, our engineers have constantly produced machines, attachments and technologies that allow operators to step away from the most dangerous and backbreaking operations,” said Martin Krupicka, president and CEO of the Brokk Group.

“However, silica dust remained a concern because it is difficult to contain. Previous dust suppression methods helped, but we wanted to find a more efficient solution that optimised safety without the mess.”

Health and safety organisations have identified silica dust as a significant hazard and have enacted regulations that limit the permissible exposure for workers in the construction and demolition industry.





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