Brokks on stage

By Lindsay Gale04 December 2014

The Brokk 160 with its Darda CC420 concrete crusher at work during the remodelling of the Frieburg T

The Brokk 160 with its Darda CC420 concrete crusher at work during the remodelling of the Frieburg Theatre

Two Brokk demolition robots have been at work on the remodelling of the structure of the Freiburg Theatre in Germany. Contractor Kult, based in Oberned, used a Brokk 160 with a Darda CC420 crusher and a larger Brokk 330 with a Darda CC560 crusher. The two machines removed and processed approximately 170 m3 (6,000 ft3) of reinforced concrete and 110 m3 (3,880 ft3) of masonry in several stages within six weeks.

This, the third phase in the renovation of the building, called for the installation of new stage equipment in the stage house, as well as a sub-stage and a two-story revolving stage with an integrated transport platform. Before construction could begin, demolition was necessary to make room for the new equipment.

The work imposed several challenges. First, the offices in the theatre were in normal use during the renovation, requiring that noise and dust be kept to a minimum, exhaust emissions could not be permitted and access to emergency exits could not be obstructed or restricted, Access to the work area was only possible through the service entrance at the rear of the building that in turn was only accessible via a heavily used cycle lane. Another consideration was the fact that only a single service hoist was available within the building. Taken together, these challenges ruled out the use of larger standard construction equipment and led to the two Brokks being deployed to carry out the necessary work.

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