Bromma expands sensor safety

By Euan Youdale15 September 2010

Container load spreader manufacturer Bromma has expanded its spreader safety products range with a new load sensing system for spreader twist locks.

Mis-declaration of container weights is a significant risk issue in the container handling industry, said Bromma. Spreaders fitted with load sensing technology at the spreader twist locks can verify container weights, identify container overloads or understatement of container weight and identify out-of-balance eccentric loads.

It can perform each of these functions without interrupting normal port processes and without any lessening of port productivity, said Bromma. It can also identify when containers are lifted by yard cranes from the trailer truck while one or more corners of the chassis remain connected to the container.

"As such, installation of load sensing technology offers compelling benefits, including, accident prevention, elimination of container stack collapses due to overloaded containers, safer operating conditions for port personnel and lower commercial risk," said a company spokesman.

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