BSS invests in Snorkel scissors

By Joe Malone29 August 2017

UK-based BSS Industrial has added to its fleet with 30 Snorkel S3010P push-around scissor lifts.

Snorkel s3010 p push around scissor lifts

Snorkel S3010P push-around scissor lift

The units deliver a working height of up to 5m, can lift up to 240kg and weigh 370kg.

BSS Industrial is a specialist division of Travis Perkins and operates rental desks at each of its 60 branches across the UK. It became part of the contract merchanting division of Travis Perkins in 2010.

Following the order, Steve Day, divisional hire director – contracting merchanting division, said, “Low level access is a new product line for BSS. It was Linda Betts at Snorkel UK who introduced us to the Snorkel S3010P.

“The compact size and low weight of the Snorkel S3010P suits our customer base extremely well, and is very easy to operate and maintain. We were very impressed with the demonstration of the lift and it performed well during our trial.”

Day added that the units were now deployed across its depots, and refused to rule out purchasing more models from Snorkel in the future.

Meanwhile, Andrew Fishburn, managing director, Snorkel UK, said, “The Snorkel S3010P is particularly well-suited to businesses like BSS Industrial, who are hiring equipment to their trade customers from their depots.

“The products are both easy to operate, and easy to service and maintain, ensuring a good return on investment.”


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