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19 March 2008

There are contractors from 30 different countries listed in the league table, and the best represented nations tend to be the largest construction markets, which is to say the US, Japan, China, South Korea and the bigger European countries. The US is the biggest construction market in the world, so it's not very surprising that US-based contractors make up the largest slice of the top 200's revenues – 23.8%. It is also not surprising that Japanese contractors enjoy a clear second place, with the 36 companies listed in the top 200 accounting for 18.1% of sales.

Next in the standings come France, China and the UK, with very similar shares of the total. What is interesting here is the different sizes of construction companies in these three markets.

France of course is home to the iC-200's top two contractors, and with only seven entries in the top 200, the country's construction companies claim an 8.8% share of the total. France's contractors are on average the largest in the world, with mean sales of US$ 12.5 billion each.

Compare this to the UK-based contractors, which are much smaller with average sales of just US$ 3.28 billion per year. This means that even though there are 25 British companies in the top 200, their total share is less than France's at 8.3%.

In between these two extremes is China, with 12 companies in the top 200 accounting for 8.4% of total sales. The key difference with these contractors is the number of people they employ.

While UK contractors have an average workforce of 9430 people, and French companies are much bigger at 53669 staff, Chinese construction companies are massive by comparison. The average Chinese contractor in the top 200 has a staggering 123922 staff. The biggest company by headcount in the top 200 is China Railway Engineering Corporation with a reported 284000 employees.

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