CAA publishes guidance on crane use

By Laura Hatton29 August 2013

The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published guidance on the use of tower cranes in accordance with aviation safety.

The document, Operating Tower Cranes in the Vicinity of Aerodromes, Notification and En-route Obstacle Lighting draws on existing rules and regulations regarding aviation safety and includes suggestions on recommended best practice for crane operators.

It states how operators are required to fit lights to cranes if they are more than 150 metres tall and, when close to aerodromes, smaller cranes may also be required to have a light fitted. The guidance also states that operators are required to notify aerodromes if they are erecting cranes in their vicinity and that the wider aviation community should be notified when a crane with a height of 91 m or more is installed, a spokesperson added.

Mark Swan, CAA group director of safety and airspace, said, “The vast majority of crane operators are aware of their obligations and work well with the aviation industry to ensure that safety is maintained. However, we wanted to make sure that there is an easy one-stop shop for anyone looking to check what they need to do to help to maintain the UK’s excellent aviation safety record, so we have worked with the building industry to produce this guidance.”

The document is on the CAA’s website.

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