Cabin upgrade from Boss

16 March 2016

UK-based portable accommodation and mobile unit producer Boss Cabins said it now offered its entire range in stainless steel, supported by a 25 year corrosion warranty.

It said stainless steel cabins could see double or triple the life of mild steel versions. Boss’s products range from smaller six and seven man welfare units up to a 24ft (7.3m) cabin. Each comes fitted as standard with a generator which offers 1000 hours of use between service intervals.

Joint managing director Matthew Wordsworth said, “While the cost of a stainless steel cabin is slightly more than that of mild steel, the potential for long term earnings for hirers is enormous.

“A cabin made in mild steel could earn a hirer around £67000 (€95000) in rental payments throughout the life time of the product – the same unit in stainless steel could earn twice that.

“It is a radical step for Boss in response to customers on site wanting a better quality welfare unit that will more readily resist the robust and understandable treatment it receives in a construction environment. We suspect that it will not be long before our competitors try to copy us - then all Welfare Units will be built in stainless steel.”

Boss said it would continue to offer cabins in mild steel or in variants of mild and stainless, but added that it expected the market to switch as customers see and appreciate the long term benefits.

The company pointed out that Mobile Welfare Units received harsh treatment on building sites, and said those manufactured in mild steel generally only delivered on average a five to seven year life expectancy as a result of onsite damage, corrosion and wear to the generator.

With a fully stainless steel cabin the life expectancy can be far greater, according to Boss. In addition to being non-corrosive, it is also 25% stronger than mild steel, the company said, adding that this increased the structural strength of the cabin and minimised damage caused by impacts, which helps to maintain the appearance of the cabin.

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