Camillio Vismara is first non-UK IPAF Rental+ company

By Maria Hadlow09 January 2012

Camillo Vismara is the first non-Uk company to receive IPAF Rental+ cetification.

Camillo Vismara is the first non-Uk company to receive IPAF Rental+ cetification.

Italian rental company, Camillo Vismara is the first non-British, European rental company to have passed the audits and be awarded the IPAF Rental + certification.

Under the guidance of the founder's sons, Paolo, Roberto and Mauro Vismara, the company has aligned its own organisation and procedural principals with those of the standardised model and passed the audit process to become a qualified IPAF Rental+ rental company.

The model adheres to ISO9000 quality standards, however, IPAF Rental+ is a certified quality mark specific to elevated access platform rental companies and it aims to complement and pinpoint the more generic standards of the ISO9000 quality certification.

IPAF successfully introduced this certification in the United Kingdom some years ago, and is now aiming at an ever increasing market of aerial platform and lifting machinery rental companies to help them take a qualitative leap forward in their provision of high quality and efficient services.

IPAF Rental+ is a voluntary auditing process, designed for member companies of IPAF. To obtain the mark, the rental centre must be able to prove high quality in many different areas within the company and undergo an independent audit, which assesses the commitment and performance of all the company's activities, from staff training to quality assurance, from machine management and promotion to the reception desk, including its computerised processes, and the quality and reliability of the machines it hires out.

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