Cat launches new backhoe loaders

02 December 2020


Cat has unveiled a range of four new backhoe loaders, made in Europe for the European market, and available immediately.

Each of the machines – described at the company’s annual product overview (this year broadcast as a virtual event) – has a new 3.6l engine, which Cat says produces fuel savings of up to 10%. The new models – the 428 (with a 55kW engine); the 432 (70kW); 434 (74.5kW); and 444 (82kW) – promise the same power and torque of predecessor models, which carried the larger, 4.4l engine.

The maximum travel speed of the new models is 40kph (as with predecessor models) and Cat says they have greater acceleration, making them easier to use on roads between sites.

The new engine meets EU Stage V emissions regulations, due to the addition of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and all engines, other than the 55kW version, require diesel exhaust fluid.

Other highlights of the new loaders include new seat-mounted controls, integrated joysticks which come as standard on 432 and 444 models. This electro-hydraulic solution, says Cat, gives the operator more control when turning to work on either the loading or digging applications.

A ‘dual control’ feature also allows the operation of either arm of the backhoe loader without the requirement of turning to face the attachment.

Operators can dial up or down the speed of the hydraulics, adjusting the response speed of the joysticks and matching the machine to their preference or to a particular application. When working around utilities, for example, an operator can slow the hydraulics down, giving greater control over the machine.

A feature inside the cab is an optional touchscreen display, which has the option of a four-digit security code, allowing up to 25 operators to key in their own individual codes. Machine settings, service reminders, and so on, are displayed on the screen, with a large range of language options.

Transmissions range from standard mechanical (on the 428 and 434 models), to the new Powershift transmission (with a simple twist lever running from gear one to gear four), and a fully automatic transmission on the 444.

However, operators will be able to use software to simply upgrade from Powershift transmission to fully automatic transmission, as well as to install additional machine security.

Linkages for both the loader and hoe remain unchanged, so previously purchased attachments will fit the new models, and Cat’s new B6 and B8 hammers are also useable across the range.

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