Cat’s new trucks, graders and scrapers

By Helen Wright26 May 2011

Caterpillar's new 740B articulated dump truck - part of a new generation of machines fitted with Tie

Caterpillar's new 740B articulated dump truck - part of a new generation of machines fitted with Tier IV Interim and Stage IIIB-compliant engines

Caterpillar has made its latest generation of articulated dump trucks (ADTs) available in the European market, together with a new range of motor graders and scrapers, all of which are compliant to the new emissions regulations in Europe and the US.

The new machines, which were launched in the US in March, include three new ADTs - the 735B, offering a 32,7-tonne payload, the 740B with its 39,5-tonne payload, and the 740B EJ with an ejector body, carrying a 38-tonne payload.

All three models are powered by Caterpillar's ACERT US 4 Tier Interim and European Stage IIIB certified engines, which use cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology to produce -90% less particulate matter (PM) and reduce nitrous oxides (NOx) emissions by as much as -50%. The smaller, 735B model is powered by a 337 kW engine, while the two larger trucks are powered by 365 kW engines.

Caterpillar's European product specialist, Rob Macintyre, described the new generation as "the most significant upgrade since 2000", and highlighted several changes in addition to the new engine.

The front end of the machine has changed to accommodate the EGR system, and Caterpillar took the opportunity to reposition the headlights, which have been wider set for a better spread. The front bumper's durability has also been improved to better tackle the most aggressive applications and now includes a fully enclosed belly guard.

Caterpillar has also automated its differential lock system. The B series features Automated Traction Control (ATC) - a proportional differential locking system that adjusts itself to different transmission loads.

"The automatic system leaves the operator free to concentrate on driving the truck, without having to think about how to gain the best traction in different ground conditions," Mr Macintyre said, adding that the proportional ATC system works in harmony with the hydraulic steering system without compromise in tight turning maneuvers.

Also new for Europe are four new motor grader models from Caterpillar. In line with the other launches, the 140M2 and 160M2, along with their all-wheel-drive (AWD) counterparts, the 140M2 AWD and 160M2 AWD, are also equipped with fuel-efficient engines meeting Stage IIIB/Tier IV Interim emission standards.

The latest models have a wider net-variable-horsepower range than their M Series predecessors. The 140M2 and 160M2 have power ranges of 144 kW to 181 kW and 159 kW to 196 kW respectively. Net power ratings for the 140M2 AWD and 160M2 AWD are 151 kW to 181 kW and 166 kW to 196 kW, respectively.

The M Series 2 are designed for a broad range of tasks, including heavy blade work, road maintenance, ripping and precision-finishing applications.

Caterpillar also launched three new wheeled tractor scrapers for the European, African and Middle Eastern markets. Production of the 621H, 623H and 627H machines begins in August and each model will be available with Tier 4 Interim and Stage IIIB-compliant engines.

The 621H and 623H are single-engine machines, while the open-bowl 627H has twin engines-one on the tractor and one on the scraper-and all wheel drive.

Caterpillar product and application specialist Ángel Luis González Suárez said a main advantage of these machines is that they are fast and comparatively very cheap to run.

"Using the push/pull loading method, two scrapers can be fully loaded in 40 seconds," Mr González Suárez said. "The idea is that they are the lowest cost way to move material".

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