Cat updates mini excavator line with three new models

By Murray Pollok04 December 2012

Caterpillar's 302 4D mini excavator.

Caterpillar's 302 4D mini excavator.

Caterpillar has expanded its range of mini excavators built through the alliance with Wacker Neuson with three new models in the 1.6 to 2.5 t sizes.

The new D Series 301.7D, 302.2D and 302.4D models add to the existing three minis being built by Wacker Neuson (0.9 t, 1.4 t and 2.7 t models) and replace C series machines previously built by Cat. The sub-3 t range now comprises six machines with operating weights of between 0.9 t and 2.7 t.

The three machines are available with canopy or cab and all are equipped with the same 13.2 kW Yanmar 3TNV76 engines. Digging depths on the three machines, with standard arms, are 2.19 m, 2.48 m and 2.43 m.

The 301.7D can be specified with either a fixed or extending undercarriage. The 302.2D comes with an extending undercarriage as standard and delivers a greater dig depth and lifting performance. A longer dozer blade is optional on both the 301.7D and 302.2D.

In North America, the 302.4D is configured with brackets and relief valves for mounting of a hydraulic thumb.

All three minis use steel body panels, with hinged and removable panels to provide easy access for maintenance. Oil-impregnated sintered-alloy bearings in the boom and digging-arm linkages require grease only at 500-hour intervals; engine oil changes are extended to 500 hours; and the hydraulic oil change interval is 3000 hours.

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