01 May 2008

More than 35000 m2 of H√ľnnebeck's Borsta 100 framework scaffolding and 47 Modex props are being used to support construction of the structural steel for the new BMW Welt (BMW World) Munich, Germany.

The glass clad steel will form a double cone to support the 16000 m2 roof, which has been described by its Vienna-based architect Coop Himmelb(l)au as a cloud like structure.

The cone has a 30 m diameter at its base and tapers up to an 18 m diameter before flaring out again to a 40 m diameter at the top.

The BMW Welt is due to be completed in late 2006 and, according to BMW, it will be used as a brand and delivery centre as well as playing host to cultural events.

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