Challenging logistics

11 April 2008

Construction of asset management company MEAG's five office complex, Upper Eastside Berlin, is a complex job on an extremely confined site. To overcome the difficult logistical process of pouring more than 30000 m3 of concrete at the € 200 million project contractor Köster used a combination of rented Putzmeister's M 52-5 long-reach boom pump, BSA 2109 H-D stationary pump and MX 32-4 T stationary boom.

Under construction at the junction of Friedrichstraße and Unter den Linden the 40000 m2complex presented some extremely challenging logistics, particularly during the shell construction phase. The area is bounded by three busy roads and is directly adjacent to an old building. There is virtually no free space to store materials or operate construction machinery.

During concreting of the 70 x 70 m floor slab, which is fabricated in nine sections and is 1,3 m thick, 1000 m3of concrete was poured using the M 52-5 and a combination of BSA 2109 H-D stationary pump and MX 32-4 T stationary boom. In order to avoid obstructing site operations and traffic the five-axle M 52-5 was supported by its outriggers on just one side.

Köster set up the BSA 2109 H-D on the opposite side of the site. It was connected to the MX 32-4 T via a ZX delivery line, which dropped 18 m vertically into the foundation, before running 70 m horizontally.

The MX 32-4 T was mounted on a 10 m high column, supported on a cruciform base. As construction progressed, the column and boom, supported by two hydraulic lifting cylinders, climbed upwards through a 1 x 1 m wide opening in the two basement and seven upper floors.

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