Chinese double act

19 March 2008

Extec's new C10+ compact tracked jaw crusher.

Extec's new C10+ compact tracked jaw crusher.

Wah Tong Machinery Trading (HK) Co Ltd, a Hong Kong-China joint venture, is using two Sandvik Titon 500 crawler rigs in an effort to boost productivity at its granite quarry in Guangzhou.

The Titon 500s are designed to handle hole diameters from 90 to 152 mm and a drill tube length of 5 m. At Guangzhou the two machines are drilling 152 mm holes using a Mission 50 hammer with an outside diameter of 120 mm and a hammer length of 0.98 m.

The hammer is equipped with a Sandvik bitfitted with high-grade cemented tungsten-carbide buttons, which are designed to ensure maximum penetration rates, good flushing and long service life.

The depth of the holes averages 15 m with 1 m/minute penetration speed. Working standard bench sizes, a consistent hole pattern can generally beollowed, holes being typically4 m apart.

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