CICA issues alert on counterfeit CraneSafe stickers

By Laura Hatton19 March 2014

The Crane Industry Council of Australia (CICA) is warning the industry of counterfeit CraneSafe Green stickers, which are issued when a crane is deemed safe and compliant with Work Health and Safety Regulations, including plant requirements.

Alan Marshall, CICA chief executive officer, said, “In the last two weeks CICA has been advised of three cases of counterfeit CraneSafe Green stickers, spotted in Western Australia and Queensland. CICA’s preliminary investigations indicate that these counterfeit cases appear unrelated.

“If you come across a counterfeit CraneSafe ‘Green Sticker’ it will be wise to assume that the crane is unsafe and not compliant with Work Health and Safety Regulations, including plant requirements,” Marshall added.

In a statement released by CICA, crane owners, users, operators and safety officers are encouraged to check the Green stickers, and to further inspect and get approval for the documentation supporting the sticker. Any concerns should be brought to the attention of CICA, which will be able to identify the CraneSafe registration certificate number and the crane serial number against the CraneSafe data base.

“A few isolated incidents may be regarded as minor by some, especially as the CraneSafe programme involves more than 7,000 assessments annually and has over 10,000 cranes on the data base,” added Marshall. “CICA takes the strong view that any unlawful breach and misrepresentation in the industry that threatens safety and the reputation of CICA members and CraneSafe users is unacceptable.”

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