Circular precision with JLG

By Euan Youdale04 December 2012

The JLG Liftlux 245-25 scissor and Ultraboom Telescopic Lift 1250AJP are the main service tools in t

The JLG Liftlux 245-25 scissor and Ultraboom Telescopic Lift 1250AJP are the main service tools in the assembly of the vast sugar silo

Two JLG machines are helping to rebuild a silo in Westphalia, a region of east Germany, that will hold more than 20000 t of refined sugar.

The silo, belonging to sugar producer Pfeifer & Langen, had been dismantled at another company’s site, before being transported to its new home.

The Bracht group has supplied a diesel-powered Liftlux 245-25 scissor lift, with a platform height of 24.5 m, and an ultraboom telescopic boom 1250AJP, also diesel powered, with an operating height of 40 m. They are being used by construction company Paderborn's Hofmann.

The silo was brought to the site in 104 sections, each measuring 14 x 8 m. The self-propelled JLG 245-25 scissor lift is being used inside the silo to reach the welding points of the sections. Two welders are working on the platform, which can support 750 kg.

The JLG 1250AJP Ultraboom is being used for work at height, for example on the silo turret. The JLG 1250AJP also allows work around the entire silo and does not have to be moved, saving time and money, says JLG.

Once the silo has been built the scissor lift and telescopic platform will be removed from the silo via the roof, using a 250 t capacity mobile crane. Once the silo is up and running, a fan will blow warm air through a gap in its steel walls. This prevents the sugar from absorbing moisture and solidifying or getting stuck to the inner wall of the silo.

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