City crane for Liffey Crane Hire

By Christian Shelton08 November 2019

Dublin, Ireland-based small crane hire company Liffey Crane Hire has taken delivery of a Kato CR-350Ri city crane.

Liffey Crane Hire’s new Kato city crane

Kato CR-350Ri city crane for Liffey Crane Hire

The crane has a maximum capacity of 35 tonnes at 2.6 metres provided by a six-section telescopic boom that extends from 7.5 metres to 32.5 metres. It has a maximum lifting height of 33.4 metres.

The crane also has a three-section telescopic jib, which extends the possible lifting height to 43.7 metres.

The Kato crane was sold to Liffey through Kato distributor Rivertek Services. Michael Gill, director of Liffey, said, “We see huge potential for this crane and its unique fly jib within our industry. It will increase our product offering to our customers and we are very pleased with the support we have received from Rivertek throughout the years and look forward to building on this also. We have a long history with Rivertek and Kato; our first mobile crane was a Kato ten tonne city crane which we still operate in our fleet to this day.”

The three-section jib provides a possible lifting height of 43.7 metres

Kato CR-350Ri city crane for Liffey Crane Hire


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