Clearing concerns on EN12999 amendment

12 August 2009

It has come to ALLMI's attention that clarification is required with regard to the A2 amendment of EN12999. The A2 amendment was approved by CEN on the 16 March 2006 and was entered into the EU Official Journal on 1 October 2006.

The provisions of the amendment are not mandatory for loader cranes manufactured during the 12 months following the date of introduction. But compliance is required for any loader crane manufactured from 1 October 2007, which has been issued with an EC Declaration of Incorporation and / or an EC Declaration of Conformity stating that the loader crane complies with EN12999.

Concerning the changes introduced as a result of the A2 amendment, of particular relevance is section, which relates to manually operated stabiliser extensions:

"It shall be clearly visible to the operator when the manual locking devices are in the locked and unlocked positions. In addition, a warning light, visible from the transport driving position, shall indicate when the stabilisers are not locked in the transport position."

Put clearly, this means that all loader cranes manufactured from 1 October 2007, which are supplied with the above mentioned declaration(s), must be fitted with a visible warning light to indicate if the legs are not properly stowed. In most cases, of course, the best way to do this may be via the existing boom height warning circuit.

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