Clinical lifting from Weissel

12 July 2011

A Wolffkran 6015.6 clear trolley jib tower crane in Baden, Germany

A Wolffkran 6015.6 clear trolley jib tower crane in Baden, Germany

Weissel is helping to re-build part of a hospital in Baden, Germany. The company leased a Wolffkran 6015.6 clear trolley jib tower crane for the work.

The reconstruction of the Malcherhof Baden clinic for rheumatic disorders has been in progress since the end of last year. The 140 tonne metre rated Wolff 6015.6 clear is being used to move concrete and iron construction elements. With a load bearing capacity of 1.5 tonnes at up to 60 m jib length, the crane is also suited to residential construction, said the manufacturer.

Features of the crane include an operator's cab attached to a simple, bolt-on structural steel platform, which also provides the crane with its electricity supply. This means it is not necessary to turn the upper part of the crane when installing the jib and counter jib, said the company.

Small trestles were supplied for easy assembly of the counter jib bracing bars. "This simplified the counter jib assembly process significantly, thereby eliminating the need for temporary assembly aids on the construction site. The large-area platforms inside the main girder of the counter jib provide hazard-free access to the winch and counterweights," said a company spokesman.

The 18,732 square metre modernisation works will include 138 beds and 173 single rooms, along with an indoor swimming pool, therapy rooms, treatment rooms, administration offices, a dining room and a kitchen.

The construction work is being managed by Waizenauer & Ing. Schummer and Weissel GmbH. The crane will stay on site until July 2011. After that the crane will be disassembled and redeployed in the upper Austria region.

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