Collett transports replacement bridge

By Niamh Marriott20 July 2022

Appointed by Adey Steel, Collett has completed delivery of four 21.5 metre bridge sections to Gooseholme, Kendal in the UK.

The bridge is being replaced followed by damage from a storm (Photo: Collett & Sons)

With the original bridge over the River Kent at Gooseholme Park in Kendal irreparably damaged by Storm Desmond in 2015, Cumbria Council undertook a £2 million (US$2.4 million) project to build and install a flood resilient replacement.

Design work for the bridge began in 2018, with Cumbria County Council working with the Environment Agency to ensure the new structure complimented the Agency’s flood defence system.

Manufactured at Adey Steel’s Loughborough facility, the new bow arch bridge was fabricated in four sections for assembly on site in Kendal ahead of final installation.

With fabrication complete, Collett began phase one of the project, delivering all four of the bridge sections from Loughborough to Jack Tighes coating facility in Scunthorpe.

Equipped with two extendable Nooteboom trailers, and 8x4 and 6x4 MAN tractor units, the team loaded and transported the first two of four 14.5 tonne sections 80 miles (130 km) travelling under police escort.

The two remaining 12.5 tonne sections were loaded and transported the following day.

Phase two

Following coating, Collett travelled in tandem to the final destination (Photo: Collett & Sons)

Following coating, Collett completed phase two of the project, transporting the four painted sections the final 150 miles (240 km) to Gooseholme Park in Kendal.

Travelling in tandem, again with police and private escorts in attendance, the loads made their way.

Topographical surveys and swept path analysis were conducted, as well as traffic management plans.

With all four bridge sections delivered to site, construction of the final structure has now begun.

Once the bridge is assembled, it will be lifted over the River Kent by 1,000 tonne crane, reconnecting two pieces of common land which have previously been linked for 140 years, and restoring access for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users.

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