Compact 2 tonners

10 April 2008

You might think Terex would have released first the simpler, ‘standard' version of its new TA2 range of compact, 2 t, 1200 l capacity dumpers, but that's not so. Elevating (TA2E) and swivel tip (TA2SE) versions are the models currently available from Terex's Construction Equipment Division in Coventry.

Terex's new range will also include standard forward dump versions, but releasing the higher specification machines first reflects the growing demand for sophisticated dumpers (see box).

The 2100 kg machines will be available with mechanical or hydrostatic transmissions, meaning that the initial launch is of four machines, although Terex says the full range will eventually comprise eight models.

Both the TA2E and TA2SE started production at Terex's Coventry, UK facility at the end of November. The first hydrostatic models will debut in March, and the full line will be available in July for the UK, Australia, and the Middle East.

The key change in the new range is a much more compact design: at 3550 mm length and 1492 mm width, the new series is considerably narrower than the PS2000 and PT2000 models that they will eventually replace. These older models measured between 1800 mm and 1860 mm wide.

Smaller dimensions allow a turning radius of the skip of 3680 mm, but also attractive is the ability to more easily trailer the machines in compliance with 3,5 t road regulations. Terex says the machines will be capable of towing behind a pick-up truck or 4x4 on a standard plant trailer.

Unchanged from the older models is the engine, with Terex deciding to stick with the “powerful and reliable” 24.5 kW Kubota water-cooled diesel.

Terex is building the machines with features to reduce maintenance. The design uses slider blocks instead of rollers in the skip elevation mechanism, which Terex said it has tested through 40000 cycles. Other features provide easy access to maintenance points, said Terex. Users might appreciate a ROPS (roll-over protection system) that easily folds down, fenders to block dirt flung from wheels, knee protection, an exhaust pointing to the side - instead of down, to stir up less dust - and simplified controls.

Terex wouldn't say much about prices, but comments from a dealer, Kellands (Plant Sales) Ltd of Bridgwater, Somerset, offer some insight. Area sales manager Chris Giles told IRN, “The 2 t gearbox version could be price competitive with the [16,4 kW, 577 l capacity] HD1000. The high dump, swivel version could be the same price as the 3 t models.”

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