Compact luffer completes Wolff range

By Euan Youdale14 June 2012

The new 166 B lufifng jib tower crane from Wolffkran

The new 166 B lufifng jib tower crane from Wolffkran

Wolffkran has completed its range of luffing jib tower cranes. The 160 tonne-metre rated compact model sits between the existing 100 B and 224 B luffing jib models.

According to the manufacturer, statistics from the Committee for European Construction Equipment (CECE) show there is a big global demand for luffing cranes in the lower load moment range. Wolffkran is meeting this demand with the 160 tonne-metre rated Wolff 166 B, it said, which sits between the existing 100 B and 224 B luffing jib models.

The 166 B operates with a hydraulic cylinder instead of the usual luffing cable and gear. The use of the cylinder to luff the jib makes the tower-top of a typical luffing crane redundant, resulting in the flat top design of the 166 B.

Its control is based on feedback from the load sensor system, which adjusts the speed of the luffing jib according to the load. As a result, the 166 B needs a relatively small 22 kW motor that can carry out full luffing in 90 seconds.

The hydraulic cylinder unit, as with all other luffing mechanism components, are mounted in the connecting frame. The components can be placed on the tower individually or as a single unit together with the revolving frame and lower section of the tower head. Maximum load in double-reeve operation is 12 tonnes and 6 tonnes in single-reeve. The crane can lift 2.8 tonnes on a 50 metre jib in single reeve operation.

The hoist winch is positioned on the jib, ensuring easy maintenance, said the manufacturer, and it can easily be replaced. Galvanised platforms and railings ensure safe assembly and accessibility of all relevant crane parts, added the company. In addition, the 166 B is the first Wolff with the new cabin designed for comfort and safety.

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