Comprehensive hoist range from Street Crane

02 March 2011

The Street Crane LX low headroom electric chain hoist is ideal for lifting and handling in workshops

The Street Crane LX low headroom electric chain hoist is ideal for lifting and handling in workshops with limited overhead space

Street Crane has launched a new range of electric chain hoists in the 125 to 5,000 kg lifting capacity category.

The LX range is aimed at a wide range of applications. "The new hoists are aimed at the volume market and are ideal for localised workstations and production line applications where they might typically be used on jibs, monorails and light track crane systems," said Andrew Pimblett, Street Crane Company managing director.

They include eye suspension models for fixed position lifting, powered or push trolley options, standard height models or hoists configured for low/restricted headroom situations. Options include multiple choices of hoist and travel speed, dual speed hoisting, enhanced environmental protection to IP 55, variable frequency travel drives and upper and lower hoist limit switches, says the company. The hoists are suited for temperatures from -20 to +50 degrees centigrade.

Safety was a key consideration in design, adds the company. Overload protection is provided by a slipping clutch and models feature high performance disk brakes. Plug and socket electrical connections are an option to simplify final fix installation. Where required the range of lateral travel can be limited by the use of limit switches.

The range offers answers to height limitation. Low headroom hoists have a chain diverter so that the hook rises to the side of the motor gearbox to give a low profile. Where headroom or the available operating envelope for the hoist is a more serious issue, hoists can be installed between the beams of a double beam crane to create a greater clear working height.

Control options include 48Volt standard pendant or remote operation by radio device. Control units can be set-up for solo operation or to work twin hoists for tandem lifts.

The LX chain hoist has been designed for world markets. Rated capacities can be expressed as Metric tonnes or US tons, says the company. A wide selection of motor voltages enables hoists to meet different national requirements. Products are fully tested and certified under relevant EU and other international regulations.

"It has taken many years to establish Street Crane as a global player in wire rope hoists and we are confident that the value offered by the LX electric chain hoist will be very attractive to our customers. Feedback from our international distributors has already been highly favourable," said Pimblett.

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