Compressor tackles cost of drilling

By Steve Ducker30 June 2015

Atlas Copco has launched new DrillAir Y35 portable compressor, which is said to be able to drill two 4.5-inch geothermal wells in a single day, significantly reducing the fuel cost per metre drilled.

Specifically designed for geothermal drilling applications, the DrillAir Y35 offers significant increases in drilling rates, fuel efficiency and reliability thanks to its 35 bar pressure and 34.8 cu m/min (580 l/sec) flow.

Atlas Copco said the DrillAir Y35 makes it possible for operators to drill both faster and deeper, with, drilling depths of 500 metres per day achievable.

Its integrated Dynamic Flow Boost technology that can be used to increase flow from 34.8 to 39 cu m/min (650 l/sec), providing faster flushing and stem refill and ultimately a quicker finish time.

When required, the working pressure range can also be set as low as 15 bar with Atlas Copco’s patented Extended Pressure Range (XPR) technology. This helps prevent soil cavitation during overburden drilling, as well as enabling the same compressor to be used for both geothermal and foundation drilling.

The compressor includes a reliable Scania engine that is compliant with Stage IV emission standards for non-road engines.

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