Concrete industry in Latin America fights Coronavirus

By Fausto Oliveira31 March 2020


Concrete mixers are being used to help the fight against COVID-19

Companies within the concrete industry in Central America and South America are joining the effort against the Coronavirus pandemic by offering their help in various ways, including participating in public space cleaning operations.

Companies are using their mixer trucks, which in Latin America generally have a capacity of between 8m3 and 10m3, to bring soap and water to public spaces where more intensive cleaning is required in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Cemex Panam√° initiated this effort, which has now branched out to Cemex Colombia as well.

One of the first spaces to benefit from the help of these concrete companies was a fairground that will be converted into a temporary hospital.

Other companies have approached the Colombian Association of Concrete Producers (ASOCRETO), which brings together the sector in Colombia, to participate. These include Cementos Argos, Holcim Colombia, Polimix, Tremix and Hormigón Andino.

For its part, ASOCRETO has been working with local authorities to organise operational logistics to provide this contribution to work for the prevention and protection of public health.

In related news, Brazilian cement maker Votorantim announced a donation worth R$50 million (US$10 million) to assist efforts to combat the effects of the Coronavirus.

According to a company statement, the Votorantim Institute will distribute the funds to health institutions, municipal authorities and social organisations. The intention is that the money be used in the acquisition of hospital equipment and personal protection for doctors and nurses.

Votorantim states its contribution should ideally be directed to small- and medium-sized municipalities, where the health care capacities are lower and the social vulnerability is greater.

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