Construction Milestones

06 February 2009

The Golden Ears Bridge project is an initiative of TransLink, the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority. The scheduled opening date for the bridge is mid-2009. The timing of all construction activities is subject to permitting and approval by government authorities.

April 2006

Golden Crossing Constructors Joint Venture begins pre-construction activity with test work north and south of the Fraser River.

June 27, 2006

Joint Venture, TransLink and Golden Crossing General Partnership officially launch construction activity.

Spring to Autumn 2006

Survey work to establish construction corridor.

Summer 2006

Work begins to build the projects main bridge, in the Fraser River - soil densification in preparation for pile boring.

Clearing for Golden Ears Route begins in the unnamed creek area, west Port Kells (Surrey), and in the Westcon area between Telegraph Trail and 199A Street along the south side of the Canadian National rail tracks.

Start of preloading for northern connector road, Maple Ridge.

Autumn 2006

Piling begins in the river at the southern most bridge pier site. This work then moves from south to north across four pier sites.

Start of preparatory work for overpasses of the Golden Ears Route at the Trans-Canada Highway and Barnston Drive, Surrey.

Start of piling for Westcon elevated roadway, Surrey/Langley border.

Late 2006

Completion of piling at Westcon; columns and abutments appearing.

Start of piling for north bridge approach, Maple Ridge.

Clearing for new connecting road from 201 Street to 199A Street, Langley.

Clearing for Lougheed Highway Interchange, Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows border.

Early 2007

Start of northwest Langley road improvements -- 201 Street upgrades and connecting route from 199A Street to 200 Street.

Clearing in the Anniedale section of the Golden Ears mainline route (Trans Canada to 176 Street, Surrey).

Drainage work for the Lougheed Highway Interchange, Pitt Meadows.

Start of improvements to 96 Avenue between Telegraph Trail and 201 Street, Langley.

Spring 2007

Opening of 201 Street to 199A Street Connector, Northwest Langley; implementation of one-way traffic loop on 201, 199A and 200 Streets.

First girders at Westcon overpass, Langley

Start of improvements to 192 Street, Surrey.

Utility work and earthworks on Golden Ears mainline, 176 Street to 182 Street, Surrey, plus temporary traffic pattern changes to the Anniedale street network

Start of piling for the south bridge approach, 201 Street North, Langley.

Completion of main bridge piling work, Fraser River.

Major utility relocation for the Northern Connector between 113B Avenue and the south end of Maple Meadows Way, Maple Ridge

Clearing for the Abernethy Connector western section, Lougheed to 203 Street, Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge

Summer 2007

Earthworks continue for Golden Ears Route, 176 Street to Trans Canada, Surrey

Resume construction for the Trans Canada and Barnston Drive overpasses of the Golden Ears Route

Earthworks begin, Golden Ears Route, 192 Street to Telegraph Trail

Begin piling for 199A Street off ramp, Langley

Begin piling for 201 Street on ramp, Langley

Begin girder installation for south bridge approach near 100A Avenue, Langley

Completion of north bridge approach precast piling, Maple Ridge

Reconstruct Dunn Avenue, Maple Ridge.

Clearing for Meadowtown Viaduct, Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows border, and construction road from Dunn Ave. to Lougheed Highway

Start of piling for Meadowtown Viaduct, Canadian Pacific Rail overpass and Lougheed Highway overpass, Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows border

Complete road base for Abernethy Connector west of 203 street; clear and begin preloading west of 210 Street

Autumn 2007

Implement permanent street network changes in Anniedale neighbourhood (Surrey) and pave Golden Ears Route from 176 Street to 182 Street

Begin reconstruction of Trans-Canada Highway sections to create overpasses of the Golden Ears Route

Earthwork and roadwork for connector from 96 Avenue to Golden Ears Route, Surrey

Begin widening of 200 Street from 92A Avenue to Chevron station, Langley

Complete piling for 201 Street on ramp and 199A Street off ramp, Langley

Construction on southernmost in-river tower reaches deck level

Haul 100,000 cubic metres of fill to create base for Lougheed Highway interchange

Install monopile foundations for Lougheed Highway overpass

Closure of Maple Meadows Way from Dunn Avenue to 200 Street to allow major utility relocation, road work and construction of off ramp

Winter 2007-2008

First bridge deck panels placed

First bridge deck stay cables placed

Completion of first bridge tower at M2, off the Langley shore

Complete foundations for Highway 1 and Barnston overpasses

Place first girders for Highway 1 and Barnston overpasses

Open new 199A Street to 200 Street connector, Langley

Complete girder installation, south bridge approach plus south on and off ramps

Begin girder installation, north bridge approach

Piling and earthworks begin for 113B Avenue/Airport Way interchange, Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows

Complete foundations for Meadowtown Viaduct

Columns and crossbeams, CP Rail overpass

Piling for Maple Meadows Way off ramp

Spring 2008

Close first span of main bridge, from tower M2 in Fraser River to tower M2 on land

Complete deck panel installation for south bridge approach and ramps, Langley

Complete girder installation, north approach

Begin girder installation, Meadowtown viaduct

Begin piling for bridge at un-named creek, Surrey

Completion of Westcon overpass, Surrey/Langley

Widening and improvements, 201 Street North (under south approach), Langley

Piling for Lougheed Highway off ramp to Meadowtown viaduct

Complete road base for Abernethy connector, 203 Street to 210 Street

Summer 2008

Close second span of main bridge deck between towers M2 and M3

Girder installation over Lougheed Highway

Complete paving of mainline, 186 Street to Telegraph Trail, Surrey

Telegraph Trail realignment, Langley

Completion of 199A Street off ramp and 201 Street on ramp decks, Langley

Completion of south bridge approach deck, Langley

Improvements at 210 Street and 132 Avenue intersection, Maple Ridge

Bicycle and pedestrian path construction, Surrey and Pitt Meadows

Autumn 2008

Completion of main bridge deck between towers M3 and M4, and between M4 and M5

Completion of Golden Ears Route, Surrey

Completion and opening of Barnston and Trans-Canada Highway overpasses, Surrey

Completion of street improvements, 192 Street, Surrey

Begin street and interchange improvements on 200 Street north and south of the Trans-Canada Highway, Langley

Completion of deck for 201 Street on ramp, Langley

Construction of 201 Street and 100A Avenue roundabout, Langley

Completion of north approach deck, Maple Ridge

Placement of girders and deck panels on 113B Avenue overpass

Construction of Hammond Road/Maple Meadows Way roundabout, Maple Ridge

Completion of CP Rail overpass deck, Meadowtown viaduct deck and Maple Meadows Way off ramp deck

Completion of Lougheed Highway overpass deck and deck for for Lougheed Highway off ramp to Meadowtown Viaduct, Pitt Meadows

First paving of Abernethy Connector from Lougheed interchange to cattle underpass near 210 Street

Construction of culvert for cattle underpass

Late 2008/Early 2009

Completion of main bridge deck, closing spans from M5 to M4 and M5 to M6

Completion of bridge at un-named creek, Surrey

Completion of 199A Street off ramp

Construction of sound walls on 200 Street near TCH, and opposite Wildwood Crescent, Pitt Meadows

Completion of 113B overpass, roundabouts at 113B Avenue and Airport Way, and ramps to mainline

Final paving of Abernethy Connector and completion of 210 Street/128 Avenue intersection.

Installation of lighting and signage on main bridge and all structures, with full operation to begin in summer 2009.

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