Construction starts on Red Sea project

By Andy Brown04 March 2019

TRSDC base camp from above (1)

The project’s base camp

Construction has started in Saudi Arabia at the base camp of the Red Sea Project, said to be one of the world’s most ambitious tourism developments.

The project is taking place over a space of 28,000 km² and will include hotels, residential properties, a marina, commercial and entertainment amenities and supporting infrastructure.

The first phase of the project is scheduled to open in 2022.

The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) has commenced operations at the base camp to provide the infrastructure needed for the project.

John Pagano, CEO of TRSDC, said, “The remote nature of the site, which is an important part of its appeal as a destination, creates logistical challenges for the support of large-scale development. The base camp is an essential first step in preparing the destination for construction.”

TRSDC said that the enabling works would, where appropriate, employ the latest technologies in prefabricated modular construction to minimise the site’s environmental and social impact.

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