Crane and lifting awards for excellence: Category A

25 April 2008


The Mammoet team designed and built a 20 tonne capacity modular floating crane from existing components to salvage a sunken barge and hydraulic excavator from a remote and inaccessible nature reserve. The restricted access required the mobilisation of four modular mini-barges and the separate assembly of the lifting device on site.


As part of a turnkey contract the team from Royal SAAN moved and installed three escalators, each measuring 25.70 x 1.56 x 3.20 m and weighing 15.3 tonnes, inside a railway and subway station. This required two 40 tonne telescopic cranes to be lifted and positioned on the elevated track way, lifting the escalators at height, moving the cranes and escalators forward underneath the roof structure and, finally, lifting, rolling and jacking the escalators in to position. Using the same method four concrete stairs, each weighing up to 20 tonnes, were also installed.


The BMS and Krangaarden team provided a novel engineered solution to tilt a new Audi A6 car on its side so it could be lifted through a narrow doorway and into an exhibition centre. The lift was performed without a scratch using a 115 tonne-metre knuckle boom crane capable of booming out under full load.

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