Crane Stats

15 April 2008

SWL: Main hoist 3,000 short tons (2,700 tonnes) to 27 m radius, aft only Main hoist 2,200 short tons (2,000 tonnes) to 31 m radius, through 360 degrees Auxiliary hoist 800 short tons (726 tonnes) to 53 m radius Length of boom 90 m Weight of main lower block 100 ton Electrical diagrams 1,143 pages Energy supply 3 x 6.6 kV AC / 3000 kVA Back-up supply 3 x 400 V AC / 900 kVA 2.5 km of cabling (total) 43 three-phase motors up to 200 kW each 21 frequency converters 4 brake choppers 4 x 500 kW brake resistors PLC I/O 6 remote I/O stations Redundant Profibus 600 digital inputs, 50 analogue inputs 200 digital outputs

Latest News
Consortium chosen for California people mover project
Consortium will build an automated people mover in Southern California, US
HS2’s Northolt Tunnel reaches halfway point
The four tunnel boring machines excavating the Northolt Tunnel have excavated exactly half the project’s total distance.
Herc breaks revenue records in second quarter
Number three on the IRN100 ranking, Herc Rentals reaffirms its annual guidance for revenue growth with eyes on mega projects and infrastructure spending