CTE rebrands for impact

By Maria Hadlow09 February 2009

Italian manufacturer CTE has rebranded its truck mounted articulated platform, tracked platform and Bizzochi fire line ranges. The truck mounted CTE Z series will now be known as Zed; the CTE CS tracked platforms as Traccess and the fire line as B-fire.

CTE says that by consolidating the group's proprietary brands as much as possible the company hopes to, "Increase the recognisability of product ranges and production lines, to grant more accessibility to their final customers and to further enhance the company's market potential."

Additional CTE ranges: Pratika - trailer and truck-mounted removal lifts, and Pianoplan - stair climbers, have also been restyled, giving a distinct brand for each product line.

The logos associated with the new brands are predominately blue and CTE anticipates that the impact of the new branding will make CTE products more immediately recognisable to dealers, rental companies and end users.

The CTE Group, based in the Trentino region of Italy, ended 2008 with a turnover of €82 million. Over the next three years, the company plans to extend its commercial activity to markets such as South America, India, China and the Middle-East.

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