CTE to launch new 20m truck mount at Vertikal Days

26 June 2012

CTE's ZED 20.2.

CTE's ZED 20.2.

CTE is launching the next machine in its "tailored performance" line at the Vertikal Days exhibition UK. The ZED 20.2 is an evolution of the company's ZED 20C designed to make it easier for operators to carry out their work.

The ZED 20.2 is a 20m working height boom mounted on a 3.5t GVW chassis, it has an increased load capacity - up to 300 kg with the whole working envelope available at full load.

A new boom design has been developed to reduce the bending of the boom and make the aerial platform more stable to provide the operator with security at high altitude.

There is a new system of rotation control - the hydraulic rotation lock has been improved and the performance of the turret rotation increases from 320 °+320° to 340 ° +340 °. The compact stowed height remains the same as the ZED 20C at 2.5m

The machine is fitted with CTE's H stabilisation outriggers with connecting rods: a CTE design which deploys the stabiliser, in one movement, without the aid of screw jacks or cylinders. The H stabilisation allows the machine to be positioned closer to pedestrian walkways and avoids outrigger sliding.. It allows work in tight and narrow spaces to take place. The H stabilisation can also overcome of obstacles (eg, raised walkways) up to 220mm.

A new ergonomic protection panel in the basket has been added to provide better visibility and ease of use, the controls are now tilted towards the operator and access for repair is improved by including a hinged lid,.

The ZED 20.2 is the second in a range of new machines being bought to the market by CTE - the first was the ZED 21 JH (21 m working height, 300 kg capacity, compact) introduced last April. CTE said "We are evolving other models, thanks to the great experience of the CTE technicians who are using increasingly advanced building technologies and the latest materials such as steel Domex high strength 1200."

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